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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

In Toronto, Ontario

Root canal treatment can save your smile and restore your oral health. Contact Yonge & Eglinton Dentistry today to learn more about our gentle root canal procedure.
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If you are experiencing pain, swelling, or other symptoms of dental infection, call Yonge & Eglinton Dentistry. Our caring dental team performs tooth-saving root canal treatment to help our patients get their oral health back on track. We also offer same-day emergency treatment to help give you the care you need.
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What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a procedure our dentist perform to repair and save severely decayed, infected, or damaged teeth. We offer this treatment to prevent tooth loss and help our patients keep their smiles healthy and complete.

During your root canal treatment, our dentist will remove the infected nerve and pulp from the inside of the tooth. Next, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Finally, the tooth is restored with a dental crown to maintain its natural strength, function, and appearance. Without treatment, the gum tissue surrounding the affected tooth can become infected, and an abscess may form. Untreated abscesses lead to further inflammation, pain, and swelling.

Meet Your Dentists

Deirdre Denis, DDS
Dr. Deirdre Denis, BSc, DDS earned her dental degree from the University of Toronto, graduating with awards of distinction in orthodontics and oral surgery. She then interned at Mount Sinai Hospital, learning dentistry techniques firsthand from some of Toronto’s most respected specialists.
Zoey Friedman, DDS
Dr. Zoey Friedman, BSc, MSc, DDS received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Western Ontario. She then completed her Master’s of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees at the University of Toronto.
Root Canal

Do I Need a Root Canal?

You may require a root canal if you experience the signs and symptoms of infection, such as:

  • Pain when eating and chewing
  • Persistent sensitivity to temperature or pressure
  • A dental or gum abscess
  • Darkening or discolouration of the tooth
  • Tender, swollen, or puffy gums near the affected tooth

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, contact our dentist and the gentle Yonge & Eglinton Dentistry team. It is important to receive root canal treatment as soon as possible, both to relieve your pain and get your oral health back on track.

For your convenience, we offer evening hours and Saturday appointments to accommodate your family’s busy schedule.

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Is a Root Canal Painful?

No, a root canal procedure is typically no more painful than a cavity filling or other common procedure. Our team performs safe, gentle root canal treatments. We offer comfort aids and sedation to help make your experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible.
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We perform gentle root canals using the latest dental training and treatment techniques. Be sure to ask about sedation to make your experience as relaxing and pain-free as possible.
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